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logo "You reap what you sow. If you arrive determined to give your whole self to camp, communicate honestly and openly, be emotionally available and authentic, take risks, chop carrots and scrub toilets with gladness (yeah, really), make a fool of yourself trying new stuff, share what you know, listen deeply to your new friends, etc., I can promise you one of the best weeks of your life." —Grace Llewellyn, The Camp Info Booklet.

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Getting to NBTSC can be an issue for some. Here's some help that's not in the brochure:
  • Travel Discussion (If you have something to ask, just hit "Edit" at the bottom of the page and type on the page.)
  • In 1997, Sarabeth rode her bicycle to camp in Oregon from the East Coast. Her story is "How Sarabeth got to Camp".
  • In coming months, the camp travel directory will be online so campers and parents can coordinate travel plans. Watch this spot.


  • The NBTSC Community runs a website at We stay fairly actively connected, and have a lot of imagination embedded in these pages. There is a WikiWikiWeb, mailing lists (both for campers and parents) and instructions for getting on IRC to chat with campers and other community members.

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