E-mail to Sarabeth, April 21st 1997

Subject: Hi Sarabeth...
Sent: 21/4/97 12:17 PM
To: --one of sarabeth's host families--
From: reannna@wimsey.com


Yes, I did get your e-mail, and I've just mailed you a letter, general delivery, in Berea, KY.

I already asked you a whole bunch of questions in the letter, so I don't really want to spoil the letter by asking again. :)

One thing I didn't ask in the letter though, I was wondering if you could tell me the towns you have been in (if this is a huge list, and too labor intensive, forget it, or just tell me the bigger ones, or something) so that I could see your general rout, and make a map of it to put on the web page.

After I'd written the letter last night, my grama came over. After dinner we were talking, and I told her about your trip and the web page thing. She said "She's not going alone, is she?" and after I said yes, she just looked worried the rest of the conversation.

I said I thought you'd be okay, I mean, it's all through cities, you are staying with people... it had not even occurred to me to fear for you. It seemed really silly of my grama to think that way. She kept saying how there are so many crazies out there. Yeah I guess so. But their are crazies in EVERY city. If you stay at home, your just as likely to meet one. And also, I don't believe there are SO many. I think this is really exaggerated by excessive violence in the media, and yada yada.

I guess it's part of her generation's mindset, to fear for women alone. My dad did stuff on his own when he was 16. I'm sure she worried, but did she "fear" for him?. She ended the conversation with "well, I hope your dad will take care of you for a few more years". Sheesh. Of all the things to say to a young feminist. It's not like he fends off sutors and rapists for me every night before I go to bed. ;) He does take care of me, but so does my mother. They feed and cloth me and give moral support.

So, do you think anyone at home fears for you? Are you afraid for yourself at all?

Live long and prosper, ;)

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