Subject: I'm halfway through Wyoming...:)
Sent: 7/7/97

Well, I just thought that I'd send you a quick note because I have fifteen minutes of access to a computer here in Lander, WY. The last two weeks have been wonderful. I'm in the Rockies, and they're incredible; they are magical, and I am enchanted... Last Monday I climbed Hoosier Pass, the highest point on the entire TransAm route (elev. 11,542). I reached the top on a cool, clear Monday morning, and I could see for miles. I felt elated and happy, and I knew I'd gone through yet another rite of passage on this trip. I sat up there for an hour, looking and also writing a bit. I kept seeing cars zoom by, going past as if there was nothing special about the whole thing--but I kept wanting to dance and sing and yell, "Yahoooooooo......!"
I'm staying with a wonderful homeschooling family in Lander, Wyoming, and they have six kids, ages 2-13. They have been so great, and every time I stay with families like the Howdyshells I always feel more energized and encouraged. I took a layover day today, got to relax and see Lander, and also to meet the goats who live next door:)
I picked up my mail in Rawlins the other day, and it was so much fun--thank you all again, for the millionth time... (And thanks Tim, for your message in the guestbook!) I am really looking forward to camp... I got a letter from Emily Cooke, written just before she took off for the Dominican Republic, and she put an Ani DiFranco quote on the envelope. I read it an immediately wrote it down and put it inside my handlebar bag where I can see it all the time. I wish I had to courage to say it to all the people who raise their eyebrows and say, "Why on earth are you riding your bike across the country, anyway??" But I'll say it now:

"...I do it for the
joy it brings
'cause I'm a
joyful girl..."

I'll write my next letter from Yellowstone Nat'l Park.
I love you guys! Sarabeth

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