Most Frequently Asked Questions about my trip

How many total miles? Approx. 4,700

Starting point? Yorktown, VA

Ending point? Florence, OR

How many miles did you average per day? Approx 50

Longest day? 86 miles between Ladner and Dubois, WY

How many states did you go through? Ten; VA, KY, IL, MO, KS, CO, WY, MT, ID, OR.

Where did you get food? Daily, at small rural stores, supermarkets, and co-ops and health food stores where I could find them (which rarely)

How much weight did you carry? Maybe 50-60 pounds-- Iím not really sure and it depended on how much food and water I had with me.

Where did you sleep? I mostly camped (in Natíl Forest c-grounds, lots of city parks, and commercial c-grounds when necessary), stayed with host families and communities when I could, slept in hostels where they existed, and stayed in a hotel twice.

What kind of bike? Panasonic Pro Touring

How much did it cost? My costs averaged out to $15.00/day (for everything including food, shelter, repairs, misc.) over the five months I was riding but I know I could have spent a lot less had I wanted to.

What were the greatest dangers? Traffic, first and foremost, then perhaps lousy road conditions, dehydration, and dogs.

Mechanical failures? Two flat tires, one in CO (caused by a thorn) and one in MT (caused by a piece of retread wire).

Did you ride at night? Only once.

Did you ride in the rain? Yes, but after Kentucky there were no storms that caught me while I was riding-- I think I was lucky.

"Weren't you... SCARED?" Yes. There were times when I was scared. And the feeling of empowerment after I did whatever it was despite the fear was the greatest feeling.

Any wipeouts? No, thank goodness.

"And WHAT... (significant pause)... do your PARENTS think about all of this?!?!" They supported me. Of course, they were worried and scared at times, just as I was.

I kept the following quote in my handlebar bag after my friend sent it to me in Rawlins, WY:

"...I do it for the joy it brings because I'm a joyful girl..."

--Ani Difranco


Pictures: Casey on recumbent - Casey & Jake on recumbents

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