Sarabeth Matilsky, a 16 year old unschooler, is doing a solo bike trip across the U.S. I thought it was really cool, and I thought people going to this years Not Back to School Camp--and other people--might like to hear how she is doing, which is why this web page is here.

Her trip started March 24th '97, in New Jersey. She took a bus to Virginia to begin the biking part of the trip. It will end in August '97 in Oregon, at NBTSC. A 4,250-mile journey.

sarabeth's approximate progress across the U.S.

As I understand it, Sarabeth was at NBTSC last year, already with the idea of the trip. At camp she talked to Kyla Wetherell, who had biked down to South America, solo, when she was sixteen. You can read part of Kyla's story in "Real Lives: eleven teenagers who don't go to school". It's a good read! Kyla is a councillor at NBTSC this year.

Before she left - "The first three weeks"

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