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Some camper comments from NBTSC.

"This camp totally changed my life. I feel confident and proud to walk the path I chose."

"I really liked the way the whole day was basically left for you to do whatever with it....I loved the way people were so accepting and non-judgmental. They were so open to new ideas, and wanted to learn from everyone. I think the way you did the rules was great because they kept people safe yet didn't crunch our freedom. I liked the responsibility I felt there; to be at meetings and workshops on time, to check in with advisors at 11 pm, and everything else we had to do for ourselves, stuff you trusted us to do. I've never been to a camp that trusted so much. It was excellent!"

"I have returned home with so many things to think life has taken on [more] focus and sense of direction....Going to the workshops made me remember that there are so many neat things to try out there in the world."

"I noticed right off how incredibly nice everybody was. People are genuinely interested in what other people have to say and seem to care about people's feelings."

"The staff was great, I loved being with them. Camp was the funnest time I ever had. It really made me psyched for life. I felt so peaceful and free."

"Camp gave me so much energy and inspiration! One of the best things was to see unschoolers teaching each other about things they care about."

"I loved the freedom and the trust...A truly remarkable and inspiring and amazing week."

"The sense of togetherness was incredible. I've never been a part of such a large group of cool open-minded people...I'm looking forward to next year."

"This was the best camp I've ever been to. I really love being with other unschoolers."

"The atmosphere and people were wonderful, nowhere else have I been immersed in such acceptance and love. I had an incredible time."

"The kind of learning and unity we have here has enabled me to grow immensely each moment, and will inspire me to keep growing long after camp is over."

"I grew in so many ways. It was wonderful to be in such a loving and free environment."

"I felt really supported by the campers and staff. There was always someone to talk to."

"This was the funnest camp I've ever been to and everyone was so nice!"

"[NBTSC is] a great place in a beautiful atmosphere to meet other smart, loving, happy people to keep as friends forever."

"Make camp longer--I fell in love with everything."

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