Approximate copy of a letter snail mailed to Sarabeth April 20th 1997, C/O general delivery.

Dear Sarabeth

I got your e-mail. Thanks! How are you doing? I hope all is going well. I'm starting on the web page, I thought it would be neat to have a progress map, but since I don't exactly know your rout, besides where you are staying, I can't do that with any accuracy. I could just do an approximate map I guess. I have some questions for you though. A lot actually!

What is the pace of your days? (Do you feel busy, or bored? How far do you ride? Do you think a lot when you are biking? Do you get to talk to people much? What time do you start & finish, and do you take brakes during the day? Are you biking on highways? Through lots of cities? Dirt roads? All of the above? What do you usually eat? Do you eat in restaurant, or buy food? )

What have you packed? (How heavy is all of it? What are you most glad you brought?)

Are you spending more time on your own, biking, or with people, staying with the families?

Are you at all ahead of or behind schedule? Do you feel like you expected to?

Are you writing and receiving very many letters? Do you phone home often? Are you keeping a journal? (If so, how is that going? do you write more or less then you did at home?)

How many siblings do you have, and how old are they? How does your family feel about your trip, how do you think it's affecting them?

How long did you "train" before this trip? What did you do to train, and how hard was it, mentally a physically? How long had you been thinking about doing this, and what made you actually decide to do it?

Okay, finished.

I realize this is a lot of questions, and could be overwhelming, You don't have to answer them all (or any of them, directly) in one letter. If these are silly questions, and don't relate much to what you are experiencing, don't bother with them. I'm just trying to get a feel for what's going on, as you can probably see. Also, my family is going traveling at then end of this year, not a bike trip or anything, but that adds to my curiosity about things like luggage, what you miss about home... And what do you see yourself doing after this trip? What do you hope to be and do in the future?

Let me know if you want to hear about other things when I write to you, other then just questions.


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