Just Checking In, e-mail, April 21st 97.

Dear Reanna,

Well, I'm just writing to let you know that I'll be sending you another letter soon (via snail-mail). I'll be at this address for one more day, so if you have any questions about anything, you could email me here if you want to: [host families e-mail address]. Did you receive the letter I sent you last week by email? I was at a host family's house and we were having trouble getting the computer to send the letter, and so I wasn't sure if you'd gotten it. Sooo, I do hope that it made it!

Anyway, if you did want to get in touch with me, I'll probably be leaving here Wednesday or Thursday ... Hope all is well with you! And thank you SO much for doing that unschooler's list, because, without it, I never would have met Devon (who is really neat, by the way!)

Love, Sarabeth

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