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Mc Donalds

              • REASONS WHY MCDONALDS IS EVIL:********************************

Mc Donalds are ruining the rainforests in the world. This means not only are they killing thousands of cattle and chicken everyday, but they are destroying the homes of the wild creatures and animals who innocently live in there. They are destroying these natural and beautiful areas of the world, and it has to be stopped. They Kill the chickens in a really sick and painful way. I don't want to say how, incase i upset people but i think it is dreadful. And i can tell u they use absolutely sick stuff in their chicken/beef burgers/chicken nuggets. They are encouraging people to use cars to drive to their restaurants which is polluting the air around us. There is mcdonalds litter everywhere in the streets. the list goes on and on and on. Mcdonalds are doing all they can to destroy this world, just so they can get more money from us, foolishful citizens of today. They are using and abusing the earth so freely given to us. And what do people get from them?? Greasy burgers with soggy chips. All very fattening. They also have no respect for vegetarians. They normally make their chips in animal oil, not vegetable oil. EVIL MACDONALDS. by christina****************************************

McDonalds is evil, evil, evil.... They remove rainforests to raise cattle. They create tons of trash while at the same time using far more than their share of resources. They drive local food places out of business. They encourage "car-culture" which is evil in itself. They export Western cultural ills to the rest of the world.

Burger King is more evil.

Any establishment (like all fast-"food" establishments) owned by a group of people, whether they are shareholders or whether it is privately owned by individuals, if they are not local but are going into an area that is not their home and extracting money from the locals while at the same time taking business away from local establishments to concentrate this money into their own hands elsewhere, is evil.

Everyone please go find a copy of "Fast Food Nation" and read about just why they're so evil. It's so well-written. Your library probably has it in their new releases section...

Fast "food" places along with other multinationals impoverish local areas economically and culturally as well as raping the environment.

("'cuz evil is good", or so spoke Enigma)

Microsoft is evil.

AOL is more evil.

Backstreet Boys are evil.

Evil is evil.

The McDonalds near my house in the city is especially evil, because they don't have milkshakes.

  • McDonalds milkshakes are evil.
  • what's so evil about them? i actually had an awful craving for one the other day. it was scary. i didn't do anything about it, though. -courtney
    • milkshakes in general are not evil. according to me.
      • did you know that fast food milk shakes contane clay? it's true! it's so they can use less ice cream in them, and replace it with water, and clay to keep it thick..

So what, you don't want to drink their dairy products anyway, with all the hormones (including rBGH), antibiotics, and pesticides that are in them. And don't forget how they treat the cows!

Evil is the absence of good. -St. Thomas Aquinas, or a similarly savvy fellow

love is evol backwards.

Money backward is venom, if you have sloppy handwriting

Teletubbies are the ultimate evil. anyone seen their alter egos on STP's new video "Sour Girl"?

Britney Spears is evil.

I don't believe in evil. it's a mystical concept, an ideal.

The One Good Thing About- Micky D's.... They Have Bathrooms, and I have absolutely no qualms about using them without purchasing anything...

  • hoorah! yes! absolutely! plus if you're white and you look like you know what you're doing you can just walk into one and hang around for a while...
  • I especially like using Mc Donalds bathrooms and missing. *grin* no, just kiding, see, it's 5.15/hour 17 year olds who'd have to clean it up, so no, I always aim impecably.

Evel is good Enigma

This is so gross. My dad read in the paper that the French Fries are beef flavored (at Mickyd's)!! Before McDonalds receives the potatoes, they are injected with some sort of beef flavored something-or-other, which is made from cows. So they use too many cows. Bad Bad Bad.

I acually like McDonald's Parfait... It's kinda good. That's the only thing I like there, though.

I'm a big fat piece of crap... aaaaa

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