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High school. Those two words conjure up a wide variety of feelings. In movies or television programs involving young people, students' lives in high school seem nearly perfect. Classes aren't monotonous, nor filled with hours of empty 'busywork'. Teachers aren't apathetic, and are more concerned with their reputation as 'good teachers' than what students are actually learning. The way the media portrays school would almost make a student look forward to the first period on monday mornings. However, in reality such is not the case. For many, going to school each day is an exercise in futility, not to mention a spirit crusher. Herded into buildings en masse like cattle, students are lectured at, condescended to, and then tested on what they've 'learned'. School becomes nothing more than a factory, spitting out clones who are adept at memorizing facts and learning how to please their superiors by telling them what they want to hear. With no room for creative expression or intellectual freedom, is it any wonder students become disheartened?

There is a better way; an alternative that allows young people to learn and grow freely, pursue their own interests, build and attain goals, and most importantly, be in control of their future and reclaim happiness through freedom. Unschooling, a branch of homeschooling, is based on the idea that learning is a natural process and has nothing to do with formal education. This is a path many young people have chosen to take. It has no basis in any one religion or organization, and it encourages young people to be in complete control of their educations and lives. Unschooling is a way of life; there's no artificial separation between learning and living like there is in school. No doubt, this idea will at first meet with skepticism from most students; that's understandable. The public school system has become an unquestioned part of most people's lives, and we are taught that any other path will surely lead to failure. We as unschoolers are living proof that leaving school to pursue a successful, fulfilling life outside of its doors is not only possible, but perhaps the most liberating thing any of us could ever do for ourselves.

This site is meant as a resource guide, a bibliography, and a contact list for students who have ever contemplated leaving school, or for anyone wanting more information about what the unschooler's life entails. Feel to browse the site, get in touch and let us know what you think, and don't forget to add us to your list of bookmarks.

-- A group of unschoolers, high school rise-outs, and those of us who plan to change this world for the better!
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