Introduction - The Route

Messages to and from Sarabeth before she left.

Sarabeth: "The First Three Weeks (e-mail)" April 12th 1997, Batesville, Virginia.

Reanna: "Questions" Sent April 20th, Vancouver B.C.

Sarabeth: "Just checking in (e-mail)" April 21st, somewhere in Virginia.

Reanna: "Fear?" April 21st, Vancouver B.C.

Sarabeth: "Message in NBTSC Guestbook" April 25th, somewhere in Virginia.

Sarabeth: "The colors and textures of my journey" May 17th, Marion, Kentucky.

Sarabeth: "NBTSC Guestbook Entry" June 6th, Chanute, Kansas.

Sarabeth: "I sit here under a tree..." June 6th, Chanute, Kansas.

Sarabeth: "I have access to a computer tonight, so you won't have to decipher my scribbles!" June 25th, Walsenburg, Colorado.

Sarabeth: "Halfway through Wyoming " July 7th, Lander, Wyoming.

Sarabeth: "Yellowstone National Park. " July 16th.

Reanna: "More Questions..." July 9th, Vancouver B.C.

Sarabeth: "Lodgepole Campground, Montana." July 27th.

Sarabeth: "Just a few more mountain passes to go..." August 2nd & 6th.

Sarabeth: "A general picture of my adventures" September 24th

Sarabeth: "Frequently Asked Questions about my trip" September 24th